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Like you, I'm a reenactor. Iíve sweated on 100 degree days, marched on sore feet, driven 500 miles only to be rained out, and wondered how I was going to make it to work on Monday morning. Perhaps more importantly, I know what itís like to deal with sutlers.  I know what it's like to check the mail every day for my package. I know what it's like for my questions to go unanswered and I know what it's like to be disappointed.

When I founded CJ Daley Historical Reproductions over a decade ago, I took my experiences as a reenactor and applied them to my products and my business.  Then as now, I'm working hard to make sure my customers smile not only when they receive their package, but every time they take a CJ Daley product into the field.


Matthew, Chris, Jennifer and Sean
at Devil's Nose, West Virginia

CJ Daley is a family-based small business. All our garments are produced in house -- our house -- and I take care with each item I ship. Every item I sell is painstakingly researched and made from the best fabrics and materials currently available.  Each e-mail, phone call and letter is answered personally by me . . . eventually.   I honestly do care about your needs.

Call me. E-mail me. Stop into the store and introduce yourself. Let me know what you need and I'll work to make it happen.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and have a great day.

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